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.Our Compost
A wonderful, natural soil amendment, our mushroom growing compost and garden supplement for vegetables and herbs, performs equally well with all plants, perennials, vegetable gardens, flowers, and herbs.  
The results will impress you! Our pasteurized  mushroom growing compost is an excellent, dung-based, organic growing medium for many different types of mushrooms…

Our Compost Tea

Our compost tea is a result of our  compost pasteurizing process.  It is a rich, natural, odorless, concentrated liquid your green plants will love!  Sold by the gallon in 2, 1/2 gallon plastic containers….a little goes a long way!

-packaged in 10 pound bags and sells for $3.00/pound, plus shipping
Compost Tea:

-packaged in 1/2 gal plastic bottles, minimum order 1 gallon, sells for $19.00/gallon plus shipping

Shipping for compost and tea is $13.45 per item.  Shipped in a flat rate priority mail box.

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